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The Moomins (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Like a tall tale from the heart of Moominpapa’s memoirs the story of the lost music of Moominvalley has remained a mystery for what seems like an eternity… Or perhaps 33 years to be more accurate.

Since the first time the home made Wasp-synth and ¬†ocarina driven theme-tube and eerie incidental themes first made their soft landings on the UK Children’s ITV, nostalgia nuts, acid-folk fans and electro acoustic aficionados have been united by a fruitless yearning for those misplaced melodies and that last comforting synth note that resolved each episode of what was perhaps the most freakish fuzzy-felt five minutes to flicker onto our small screens during the 80’s wonder years.

Born in Helsinki, made in Warsaw, by a German and Austrian co-operative, and finally soundtracked in Leeds in the North of England, the translated and reconstituted tales of Moomintroll, Snuffkin and The Hattifattners (amongst a handcrafted cast of many) first came to our screens as an early exploration of Anne Wood (later creator the equally freakish Teletubbies) who after stripping the Polish and German audio commissioned a new experimental soundtrack from the collective social-circles of The Impact Theatre Co-Operative, Gang Of Four and The Commies From Mars.

Finally retrieved from the outer limits of its cross continental breadcrumb trail Finders Keepers finally grant you an access-all-areas pass into the vault presenting a complete fully-formed soundtrack album ¬†that fills the gaps between the aforementioned micro-genres that flourished in in light of domestic synth technology while providing a woozy hallucinogenic antidote to the disenfranchised political backdrop of 1980’s Britain fuelled by a vibrant alternative and progressive pop culture.

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1. The Moomins Theme
2. Travelling Theme
3. Hobgoblin’s Hat
4. Leaving Moomin Valley
5. Partytime
6. Hattyfatteners Row
7. Woodland Band
8. Most Unusual
9. Midwinter Rites
10. Piano Waltz
11. Creepers
12. Woodland Band Far Away
13. Comet Shadow
14. Comet Theme
15. The Moomins Theme (End)

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