Gerry & The Holograms

The Emperor’s New Music

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Possibly the rarest and most confusing art-house non-record remnant from the post-punk/DIY era recreated to coincide with the delayed liberation of the forthcoming lost Gerry And The Holograms LP. Direct from imaginary 1979 anti-masters Finders Keepers latest tangible antic is landing inconspicuously within the racks of the people who care most this Record Store Day.

Championed by Frank Zappa as his favourite new band on release and Rivalling Durutti Colums famed sandpaper sleeve for its situationist zeal this second release by masked electronic pantomime punks Gerry And The Holograms was not even an audible record rather an unplayable disc encapsulated in glue under the name The Emperor’s New Music. Refabricated and further “stitched-up” for everybody’s safety, this limited re-enactment comes in a tidy run of 100 replicants, even rarer than the original article (which now commands upto 150 quid in pricey punk/KBD circles).

In an era where people frame vinyl records to decorate their walls The Emperor’s New Music and it’s holographic dissidents yet again predict our future from their 1979 capsule. How many other records will evade the evil needle?


  1. Emperor's New Music