Dakota Oak

Am Deister

Twisted Nerve
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Dakota Oak is the lone recording project from Dave Tyack whose two previous releases, the limited edition vinyl-only EPs ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Pastures Of Plenty’ both met excellent critical acclaim when they were released last year.

So what of Am Deister? KRAUT ROCK! Yup, it’s not just the title, this is the flavour. It’s hard to think of any album that’s been released in this country that sounds quite like this. Think Can or Faust, but more melodic. Gentle, but driving melodies that don’t sound particularly American or English. Eurock anyone?

The fact that Dave Tyack was born in Germany and spent the early part of his life there might go some way to explaining the Deutschland influences…

‘The album is a sort of concept album based around the forest (called the ‘Deister’) where I used to live when I was a kid in Germany. Before I was born my parents lived in Warwick where my dad test drove diggers for Massey Ferguson, and my mum taught maths. My parents moved to Germany in 1975 when my dad was offered a job at the Massey Ferguson plant in Hannover. I was born on the 4th of March 1978 in Hannover. We had a house in a small farming village called Bredenbeck, which is about half an hour from Hannover. Bredenbeck backs onto the Deister and most of my early childhood was spent going for walks, putting up rope swings, climbing trees, playing army and riding my bike in the woods. Some of the tracks’ titles relate to it and some don’t but the whole album is inspired by this forest.’ Says Dave.

Looking at the song titles however, there’s less of a Kraut flavour and there’s a crafty reason for this as Dave again explains, ‘I read in this Captain Beefheart book that when they did ‘Clear Spot’ that they wanted to attract more girls to their gigs so they gave all their tracks dead romantic and soppy sounding titles and really tried to appeal to girls and that’s sort of what I was trying to do with a lot of the track titles on this record.’