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Party pack bumper track various artist compendium of hexploitation pop and spook sonics limited to 150 zucca (pumpkin) orange coloured Italian cassette shells in black hard case.  Compiled from unheard and forthcoming outer-national releases from all the Finders Keepers sub-labels and featuring a couple of recent (oc)cult-classics.  These poltergeist pop premonitions provide an exclusive peek into what we have ressurrected for future releases. 

A1. Werewolves On Wheels (Trailer)
A2. Bruno Nicolai – Pursuit
A3. Germain Hubert Ales – La Traversée Du Bois Par Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
A4. Applehead – The Host With The Most Chance Of Survival
A5. Suzanne Ciani – The Globolinks (Excerpt)
A6. Daniella Casa – Occultisimo
A7. Tender Prey – Blood Simple
A8. Bruce Ditmas – Reparto Tortura
A9. Sam Mcloughlin – The Ever Thinning Veil
B1. Silicon Arc – Tone Enge
B2. Sam Spence – Swamp
B3. The Fates – Ritual (Excerpt)
B4. Braen Raskovich – Rastrellamento
B5. Clone – Son Of Octabred (Excerpt)
B6. François Tusques - Les Sorcières (Excerpt)
B7. Bruno Nicolai – Insidia
B8. Zdeněk Liška - Kopfrkingl Salutes Death
B9. Pierre Henry – Maléfices
B10. Lamartine – Angoscia Universale
B11. The Vampires Of Dartmoore - Dr. Caligari’s Gruselkabinett
B12. Jane Weaver – Descension Into Darkness