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Channelled Messages At The End Of History

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Arguably the label’s most striking, even transcendent release, Channelled Messages at the end of History started life as a gift for a friend following long conversations about the nature of improvisation, spontaneity and musical mediumship and subsequently dawned as a remarkable document of occult praxis in the digital age.

Tongues of Light acts as a sort of psychopomp or liminal interpreter for a wide range of belief systems, all rooted in the common conviction that they are channelling sounds from some “other” or “higher” entity or dimension, much in the same way that Sun Ra believed he was channelling celestial bodies thru his music or the Dogon people of subsaharan Africa believed they received alien codes describing humanity’s heritage.

The record unfurls as a seamlessly sequenced compilation of samples – all framed by plasmic drones and synth pads which connect and highlight the links between seemingly disparate elements. By the record’s end the effect is really quite uncanny; compounding disparate new age coordinates on a common plane, and thereby revealing their underlying, subconscious metaphysics.

It’s great to hear Pre-Cert Home Entertainment connecting the dots between generations of new age thought and practice, and we reckon this slab will standout as one of their defining releases for time to come.

1. Healing Side
2. Awakening Side

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