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Pavor Nocturnus

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Following their 2012 performance supporting Italian horror soundtrack legends Goblin, Australia’s gothic-synth heavyweights The Night Terrors’s were commissioned to compose an album of music with the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Grand Pipe Organ.

Recorded at the Melbourne Town Hall, Friday the 13th June 2014, and to be launched on Halloween 31st October 2014, Pavor Nocturnus – A Composition For Grand Organ, Theremin, analogue electronics and percussion is an inferno of haunting Theremin-led post-prog and dark cosmic dance. Quiet drops of sepulchral voltage and cacophonous whirls of intricate acoustic phenomena intermingle to prise open the maddening space between sentience and expiration.  The Night Terrors create a euphorically terrifying dream sequence. Their most frightening and beautiful recording to date.

To be released on the new Dual Planet sub-imprint, Twisted Nerve Australia.  Collaborating again with our friends Finders Keepers in the UK we are very excited to announce the birth of the Australian branch of the prestigious Manchester indie label. We feel very honoured to be associated with this highly respected boundary-pushing label that for the last fifteen years has released a catalogue of amazing titles from the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel, Jean-Claude Vannier, Malcom Mooney (Can), Jane Weaver, The Gaslamp Killer, Graham Massey (808 State) to name a few… Twisted Nerve Australia is a space for contemporary artists both Australian and international.


  1. Pavor Nocturnus
  2. Megafauna
  3. Asleep With The Bats
  4. Kuceli Woke Up In The Graveyard
  5. Blue Black
  6. Gravissima
  7. Delta Waves
  8. Spectrophilia