Susan Christie

Paint A Lady

Finders Keepers




How rare can a rare record be?  Medium rare?  Uncooked?  How about unreleased?

Susan Christie was a Philly based sophomore folk singer who had one novelty hit for a major label and never quite recovered – Afterwards, her psychedelic take on country standards and hand crafted tales of inner-city solitude backed by a break heavy folk funk rhythm section was never accepted as a commercial viabilty by record company big-wigs – They obviously couldnt quite muster their nostradamus sensibilities to forsee what future hiphop producers and DJs would be feeding into digital music-machines 30 years down the line!

Luckily three-fifths of a handful (literally three!) privately pressed vanity copies were manufactured in early 1970 one of which became the source material for Finders Keepers 6th LP in their expanding library of obscure, obtuse, obsolete and obsessive vintage music from the 60s and 70s. Uber legend John Hill who penned the acid-rock floor-filler LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for Wool and Pacific Gas And Electric produced the LP which featues 9 tracks including a Johnny Cash cover and a 12 minute drugsploitation epic called Yesterday – Where’s My Mind featuring Susan flipping vocal styles between Janis Joplin and Margo Guryan (…who was in fact a close friend of Susan’s at the time of recording).

This full album release follows the limited edition COMPACTA SERIES 45 Paint A Lady.


  1. Rainy Day
  2. Paint A Lady
  3. For The Love Of A Soldier
  4. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  5. Yesterday, Where's My Mind?
  6. Echo In Your Mind
  7. When Love Comes
  8. No One Can Hear You Cry