Angelo Michajlov

Saxana – Girl On A Broomstick (Dívka na koštěti)

Finders Keepers

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The previously unreleased spooked-out psychedelic-jazz score to 70s Czech’s ‘other’ favourite teenage witch flick.

Directed by Vacalav Vorlicek (Three Nuts For Cinderella/Who Killed Jessie?) from the studios that brought you Valerie And Her Week of Wonders, Daisies and The Cremator. Finders Keepers presents the entire studio sessions, plus psychedelic effects by Angelo Michajlov (Marta Kubisova’s arranger) performed by the Karel Vlach Orchestra.

Imagine Gary Bartz and Nucleus meeting Swedish singer Doris at a Czech Pop Festival with the cast of H.R. Pufnstuff as the moody stage security.

1. Dívka na koštěti
2. “Dexem Po Multo Shumpoplex”
3. Telescopicas Humerus
4. Petramorphosis
5. Algebraic Airbrush
6. “Suxo Plexo Muxo”
7. A Pretty Kettle Of Fish
8. A Chicken In Form 9
9. Vladimirs Secret Service
10. Rats And Rodents
11. The Wisdom Teeth?
12. Ridiculous Cuniculus
13. Twenty Past Two
14. An Open Window
15. “Dexem Po Krumplex”
16. Saxana (Sung by Petra Cernocka)
17. A Rabbit In Cage 6
18. A Visit From The Heavies
19. The 300 Year Itch
20. Hex F.X.
21. A Good Honest Looney House
22. Hide And Sheikh
23. Haxipola’s Trip
24. “Rudexa Ux Velorex”
25. Expedit – A Dragon With Two Heads
26. The Magic In A Single Rose (Sung by Petra Cernocka)

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