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Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word Volume Two

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Folk-Funk? Electric Folk? Hippy-Rock? Acid Folk? Sunshine-Pop? Folk-Fusion? Folksploitation?  Once again music lovers struggle to bridge the deep & wide gully where another hybrid genre wanders lonely amongst the vinyl ghosts of yesteryear’s ethereal love songs. Let us introduce a second flock of unsung songbirds who flutter between rocks and hardened pastures too commercial to be traditional – not successful enough to be credible – from the wrong side of town — on the other side of the globe. Here are some of the would-be folk legends that you didn’t read about, they never played the festivals and you never heard their records… until today.  Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word Volume 2 is the fifth release from Delay 68 Records and the follow-up to the critically acclaimed best seller first volume, and its sequelProg Is Not A Four Letter Word. Featuring a few old faces and a host of undiscovered talent from home and abroad, this brilliant compilation picks up where volume one left off and promises to be even better! Once again compiled by, and featuring original artwork and sleevenotes by Andy Votel.

1. Carol Batton – Intro
2. Midsommar – Balladen Om Belfast
3. Y Triban – A Night In The City
4. These Trails – Of Broken Links
5. Chuck & Mary Perrin – Flying
6. Jan & Lorraine – Number 33
7. Elly & Rikkert – Heksenkring
8. Susan Christie – Paint A Lady
9. Paul Parrish – Dialogue Of Wind And Lover
10. Emmanuelle Parrenin – Apres Londee
11. Naomi – How Do?
12. Parchment – Son Of God
13. Alexis Korner & CCS – Sunrise
14. Woody Simmons – Grey Today
15. Vainica Doble – Dime Felix
16. 11.59 – The Waters Of Babylon
17. Midwinter – Maids And Gentlemen
18. Pentangle – I Saw An Angel
19. Sibylle Baier – Softly
20. Turid – Song

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