Finders Keepers slipmats (Orange And Green) PAIR

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Finally succumbing to one of our most popular demands Finders Keepers Records make up for lost time with an entire series of turntable platter accessories in a monsoon of multifarious options.

This pair includes one each of the orange Googoosioon and olive green hand-cut typographic designs.

Depicting a variant on one of our favourite B-Music fanzines, the Googoosiooon design combines cartoons of two of the labels best-loved releases. Watch in astonishment as the mascots of amphibious Spanish prog and yearning iranian funk spin into a typographic rotating frenzy while DJs or home listeners decide which international Finders Keepers record they are going to play next safe in the knowledge that this quick release felt slipmat will cushion those delicate phonographic grooves. 

This simple three tier hand-cut typographic slipmat proudly boasts the words Finders Keepers Records as a full-frame salute to your favourite outernational accidental world music label. Printed in vibrant tangerine this quick release, gentle touch slipmat is ideal for both DJs and home listeners who desperately need that next foreign fuzz fix to fly off their trusty wax platters.

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