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Folklore Tapes present the fourth and  final instalment of the new radiolore series The Lost Tapes Record Club.

This final instalment will galvanise all the components of previous EP editions to form a unified vision where all will become clear.

The series of four EPs  have been curated by members of the band Clinic and presented by the Lost Tapes Record Club. Containing tracks pertaining to a unique project based around ethnographic radiolore and  surrounding the Dorset town of Symonsbury, showcasing a patchwork of randomised recordings of unknown vintage origin.

Presented in bespoke embossed boxes with unique conceptual inserts, echoing previous playful ‘intermedia’ works and happenings from the New York based Fluxus art group during the 1960s/70s.


1. Intro

2. Head Selection by Circular Hope Society
3. Azat Ankakh Hayastan Performed by The Armenian Solidarity Trust Band
4. Mona’s Ark by Maryes Tèmples
5. Je Größer Sie Kommen, Desto Härter Fallen Sie by Die Deutsche Fleeter
6. The Glass Hammer Interlude
7. Radio Waves by The Network Orchestra (The Glass Hammer OST)
8. Outro