Emerald Web/Sam Mcloughlin & Alison Cooper

Garden Of Mirrors / Supernatural Lancashire Volume Two

Disposable Music
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It has taken over four very active years for the people behind the Finders Keepers label family to finally return to what we still consider to be one of our favourite vinyl projects. The ongoing Disposable Music library subscription series is a series which pools some of the best emotive, comprehensive, previously unavailable instrumental music from the unmarked archives of experimental artists within the expanding Finders Keepers family and presents it as a series of limited uniformed archival vinyl discs. Like all the most influential library music labels on the 60s, 70s and 80s the music from DiM is sourced, compiled and produced catering to the requirements of the film, television and radio industries but as the interest in thematic instrumental ‘picture music’ seep deeper into the record collector psyche these limited multi-purpose discs are naturally recommended for whichever creative application you see fit. Each disc combines two full musical programmes sourced from both vintage archives and new exclusive recordings by contemporary artists specially paired to compliment the individual musical sensibilities and mutual affection.

This time Disposable Music are proud to bring you metronomic jazz made for the Swiss cheese information board; wind synth music designed for planetariums; possessed pastoral mechanical folklore sounds; primitive electric organ sci-fi music; Spaghetti Western themes for Scandinavian fashion shows; drum machine music for household appliances; unused Polish detective theme tunes; Gallic dreamscapes for graveyard dates; mouthorgan music for mutants; Eastern street music field studies, and a selection of commercially unreleased tracks that have been recycled from French and American horror soundtracks, short-run TV ads, one-off radio programmes and educational science programmes. Having learned, enjoyed and expanded since the first run of DiM we are very excited to unleash this custom collection to your ever expanding music tastes.

It’s clear that each recording of the latest volume of Disposable Music stands up on its own merit as well as complimenting the previously released volume. Like any library series there is no ideal place to start but at www.finderskeepersrecords.com we’d like to offer a limited number of subscription places to secure the next five records before they are distributed via our usual networks. With unlimited entry to the archives belonging to names like Ciani, Spoerri, Rollin, Epple, Korzynski and Massey, Disposable Music have taken the best in unadulterated, underexposed and unattached mood music and given these homeless compositions a place, purpose and time to thrive.

The archive of Kat Epple in Miami is a well-preserved timeline that documents early analog experimental synth modules and the development of Silicon Valley music technology into the 1980s and beyond. It also includes a wealth of music produced and manufactured with her partner, synthesist and flautist Bob Stohl. The Garden Of Mirrors is a collection of music made for ethereal planetarium performances and a series of laser shows which earned the duo of Kat and Bob the collective moniker of Emerald Web. These multi-purpose recordings remastered from rare tapes typify the duo’s unique ambient sound that would win them a firm fixture in the hearts of a generation of new age devotees and proto-techno enthusiasts who operated and survived outside the parameters of the major music industry that dominated the era. Distributed by mail, during concerts or in health food and book stores the privately pressed instrumental music of Emerald Web would also make its way in the films of astronomer Carl Sagan and other natural history educational programmes. Here you will find a span of sythesisier soundscapes ranging from keyboards, Lyricon wind synths, modular synths, digital sequencers and organic percussion, bells and flute unisons and the music that regularly earned them comparisons with Iasos and Tangerine Dream while sharing company with Laurie Spiegel and Laraaji amongst others.

Following one of the most requested titles on the first Disposable Music collection Sam Mcloughlin and Alison Cooper’s Supernatural Lancashire 2 brings a wide selection of self-made acoustic and electronic instruments to their Northern rehearsal room to blend semi-improvised melody and syncopated mechanical folk – evoking sonic images of bygone rural industry, religious corruption, hallucinogenic medicines, scenes from classic pastoral UK horror films and cautionary European fakelore. Composing the type of instrumental music that simply does not exist outside of a theatrical or cinematic brief the self-initiated and tightly twisted music of Supernatural Lancashire comes from a genuine creative place which is rarely explored with such beguiling results within the oft blinkered parameters of modern handmade music.

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