Bruno Spoerri

Teddy Bär/Lilith

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Comprising two of the most complete bodies of work from innovative Swiss electronic jazz pioneer Bruno Spoerri this combined archival release delves into a deep vault of commercial and experimental film music revealing the vibrant versatility of the composer in collaboration with two important Swiss directors. Mastered from original studio tapes this compendium comprises an expanded range of instruments and studio techniques placing the artist on either side of his comfort zone parameters. Utilising vocals in both a treated/experimental form as well as in a formal song based capacity this release instantly reveals two new sides to Spoerri’s personality. The two soundtracks also reveal the natural progression of Bruno’s interaction between live bands and jazz musicians working alongside industrial field recordings and concrète tape experiments (previously exemplified in his work for forklift truck manufacturer Lansing Bagnall). Spoerri’s broad palette of electronic instruments is widely utilised within these recordings revealing Bruno’s home studio as one of the early exponents of the Lyricon wind synth and various modular synthesisers developed and re-customised as part of a wider creative relationship with the creators of Buchla and Arp instruments. Both programmes span a decade of commercial work for Swiss and German advertising companies furnishing a unique Swiss culture of tangible vinyl giveaway records which punctuates the artists varied discography alongside a list that includes collaborations with musicians from German Krautrock band Can, legendary progressive jazz/electronic musicians like Klaus Weiss and Joel Vandroogenbroeck, as well as physical visual artists like Betha Sarasin. Presenting the entire previously unreleased score to Kurt Aeschbacher’s experimental film Lilith and a remastered version of the rare vinyl soundtrack to Rolf Lyssy’s comedy Teddy Bär (including an newly excavated non-LP track) this release goes beyond the typical realms of commercial film composition including full-length cues and fully realised electronic tracks which stand up both within and outside of the context of the original, seldom seen celluloid achievements. Enjoy at best with an open mind with eyes open or closed for a wider perspective on this one man music maschine.

1. The Award
2. The Silliest Tune
3. Brief Encounter
4. Smalltalk
5. Arrest Of Groucho
6. Baby Baby
7. Sweet Smell Of Success
8. Too Much Smell
9. Silliest Tune (Vocal Version)
10. Big Reception (CD ONLY)
11. Reanimation Of A Filmmaker Lilith
12. Singing In The Dark (CD ONLY)
13. Winding Down
14. Strange Sounds
15. The Dance
16. Singing In The Closet
17. Seduction
18. Prepare For The Show
19. Walking
20. Train
21. Going To Work CD ONLY
22. Fanfare (CD ONLY)
23. On The Way

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