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Finders Keepers Records – Easter Folkish Special

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Finally climbing out of a winter time hibernation your faithful Finders Keepers Radio regulars embrace the joys of spring with open ears, wide mouths and clear minds in their ultimate radiophonic relaxation programme complete with musical massage oils, organic gramophones and natural vinyl vitamins in this Folkish Easter time special!

Emerging from the communal egg like a three-headed garage sale guru Votel, Mitchell and Shipton celebrate record rebirth and general worldly wax egg-sploration; combining acid folk classics, new age obscurities and folk funk crowd teasers with a healthy dose of spiritual well-being and quasi-optimist yoga yak.

Inviting guests like spectral songbird Magpahi alongside reluctant future folk artists Felt Mistress into the Keepers Cottage this expanded psychedelic egg hunt attempts to summon the bargain buds of May via audio incantation while whale music, aquarium sound effects and Moomintroll melodies punctuate this very crooked craft fair! Add Hen To Eggs and Keep It Rollin’

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